More troubles at United Airlines

Apparently, United Airlines has been unable to charge MasterCard or American Express cards the last 24 hours or so. They tell me I have a confirmed seat and to check back tomorrow. I’ll hope for the best and call then.

More on my experience with United Airlines from last week. Why would I fly United again you ask? Frequent flier miles, best available routes and schedules. I’m sure the maintenance of the planes is handled much more professionally

National Geographic Live ’08 Seattle Ticket Sales Now Online

National Geographic Live ’08 Seattle ticket sales are much improved from last year. Past subscribers can buy tickets beginning today on the Seattle Symphony Web site. This is one of Seattle’s most popular lecture events and the site was slow from all the traffic (warning: the checkout process has about ten pages). But, it worked … and this is much easier process than in the past.

Out of control building development in Seattle

I had dinner with a friend last night who now has to move after being evicted a second time as a result of a second landlord selling his building to the same condominium developer. He was evicted from his first shared housing rental when the owner sold to a condo developer. He moved to a house on the same street a few doors down and is now being evicted as a result of the second owner selling his property to the same developer.