Using Mac OS X iSync with the Motorola RAZR V9m

Although I found this link for manually editing the iSync plist file for my new Motorola RAZR V9m, this site had pre-configured plugins. I create the folder PhonePlugins inside my hard drive’s library folder and dropped the RAZR2 V9m plugin there. iSync works great with the RAZR V9m now including Contacts and Calendar entries.

Yoga for Geeks Making Posture More Perfect

Excited to see Sarah’s Yoga for Geeks efforts written up in  itWorld Canada:

Sarah Pullman, a certified yoga instructor, started up Yoga for Geeks — a yoga class designed specifically for those who spend their lives around and in front of computers — and who probably have never taken a yoga class in their life…Pullman keeps it simple — and even allows people to wear jeans (no Lululemon required). She includes postures for head and shoulder mobility, opening up the connective tissue in the upper body and opening up the hips, which get tight if you’re sitting all day. She also includes breathing and relaxation. “That’s usually enough for beginners,” she said. “I want them to leave feeling empowered rather than overwhelmed.” … “This is a community of people that wouldn’t even think to go to a yoga class and clearly really needed it,” she said. “I decided I wanted to make some kind of body movement practice accessible to that population of people.”