Matching is difficult. Work, family, friends, chores… It is not always possible to do everything, and other times our time to do some chores is very limited. Therefore, when we go to the gym or practice our favorite sport, what we lack is motivated time. And these are the key gym tips to keep in mind to get the most out of our time in the gym.

Work, family, friends, chores… It is not always possible to do everything, and other times our time to do some chores is very limited. Therefore, when we are to go to the gym or practice our favorite sport, but what we lack motivation is time, the Gym pass trainer Martín Ezequiel del Horno gives us the keys to keep in mind to get the most out of our time in the gym.

Make A Weekly Calendar And Set Aside Time To Exercise

Key gym tips

Regardless of whether or not your routine changes every week, it can be very helpful to try to organize your times a few days ahead and identify the moments when you will be freest to do sports. Also, try to define what activity you will do in each of those moments to be prepared and not waste time once you get to the gym. “A routine can do a lot to instill healthy habits, it helps us internalize them.”

Focus On The Moment

“If you have little time to exercise when you do make sure you focus your attention on it. That means focusing on each movement and each repetition, both in the eccentric phase and in the concentric phase” the fact is that playing sports is not only a physical activity. “Mentally, we must focus on it, the results and our performance will not be the same if we are looking at Instagram or chatting with friends while we exercise.”

Eat And Drink Something Before Going To The Gym

Starting to play sports on an empty stomach is definitely a bad idea. In addition to being somewhat contraindicated, in all likelihood, we will not be able to take advantage of our session, regardless of whether it is weight training or a cardio sport. Therefore, before training do not forget to snack on something rich in carbohydrates and proteins. That way, your brain, and not just your muscles, will be able to perform better in the gym. “And hydration is even more important; make sure to hydrate before, during, and after sports practice.

Full Body Workouts To Keep Fit

If in your case what it is all about is getting in shape and keeping it, training sessions based on exercising the main muscle groups in the same session are a great option when you don’t have time: “To take advantage of each session, it’s It is very important to manage the intensity according to the duration of the training. That is, the shorter the duration, the higher the intensity. This can be achieved through high-intensity intermittent training (HIIT), achieving good results in a short time.” There are from only 30 minutes, and up to 90 for most experts. With these circuits, you will do mainly compound exercises, which cover large areas of the body and tone many muscles at the same time.

Exercise At Home

A pair of dumbbells, a mat, and a little motivation, you don’t need more. Nowadays, the idea of ​​​​exercising at home should not surprise us, especially if we take into account that training based on our own body weight is a great ally to keep us in shape. Add a good training app to guide you or an online class, and you can maintain your active lifestyle from the comfort of your own home. “When we exercise at home, it is important to realize that the space where we are going to carry out the session is no longer the same space in which we relax. During the duration of the training, we put on “the fitness chip” and that place will become a gym for us.”

Don’t Forget To Warm Up

Going in a hurry can sometimes play tricks on us. “We cannot pretend to go from 0 to 100 automatically, because we will risk an injury” For this reason, our personal trainer recommends a short 5-minute warm-up focused on the muscle groups that we are going to train. And if what we want is to do cardio or yoga, it is convenient to do some general stretching to warm up the joints. “During the warm-up, it is positive to visualize the reasons that lead us to train, and with this in mind, prepare ourselves for sports practice. Then we can add to that motivation with uplifting music during exercise.”

Keep Rest Periods At Bay

In the same way that we must limit distractions, we must not forget to regulate the rest periods between one exercise and another. And it is that sometimes we spend more time puffing in the gym than practicing sports, something that, if we are short on time, is not ideal. You should never completely get rid of rest periods, as they are necessary to maintain energy. Ideally, take 30 to 60 seconds to catch your breath. Beyond that, though, we can get both heart rate and body temperature back to their normal resting levels: “It’s important to focus; This will ensure that time is not wasted in excessive pauses or that you get distracted, for example, lying down between series or picking up your mobile,

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