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Whether you are studying finance at an Ivy League college or earning NEC’s non profit management degree, you are going to need to save money in every way you can while you’re in college. College life is expensive, and there are a lot of expenses that you can’t avoid. However, there are plenty of costs that you can reduce.

Here is how to save money on college expenses.

Buy Your Books Used

One of the biggest ways that you can save money in college is by buying your books used. Not only do you want to buy them used, but you can save even more if you buy them online. There are a lot of websites where you can search for your textbooks online and you will be able to get them for a fraction of the cost that you would pay at the school bookstore. Some people hold on to those books for several years and then try to sell their books for as low as a few dollars. It all depends on the book and if it is the same edition as the one that you were assigned.  Either way, most of the information will be pretty much the same.

Cook at Home

Food might be your largest expense when you’re in college, especially if you are eating out all the time. There will be all kinds of places where you can go to buy food on campus, not to mention all the places just outside of campus. There’s no telling how much money you could save by buying all of your food at the market, making it at home, and bringing snacks with you each day. Not only will this cut your food costs at least in half, but it will also be better for your health. Most of those snack stands and restaurants around campus don’t serve very healthy food, so you will definitely be keeping your waistline in check as well.

Buy a Used Laptop

When you’re in college, your laptop is by far your most prized possession. It will probably also be your most expensive possession. You may want the newest, top-of-the-line laptop because you know that you will be using it a lot, but you will really feel stung in your pocketbook all year long. Luckily, there are a lot of people who work in industries, like technology and graphic design, who buy a new laptop each year. This means that you can get a high-quality, practically new laptop for a huge discount if you buy your laptop used.

Use Wi-Fi When You Can

If you’re like most college students, there’s a good chance that you are constantly using social media and the internet on your phone throughout the day. If you are relying on your data 100% of the time, then you are going to be spending a lot of money each month on your phone bill. However, when you’re out and about you can save a ton if you just make sure to connect to Wi-Fi when you can. This way, you can save money by reducing your data plan with your phone carrier.

Vegetable oil. The phrase implies something very specific, right? The unmistakable scent of fresh french fries, perhaps, or the crunch of a fried chicken wing.

But some vegetable oils are more versatile and widely used than they get credit for. Cottonseed oil is a useful example: Though it’s regulated as a food product by the FDA and used in countless commercial (and home) kitchens, it has a host of arguably more interesting applications that have nothing to do with cooking. Here’s a rundown of three surprising cottonseed oil uses.

  1. A Gentle, Durable Cosmetic Base

If you’re, ahem, of a certain age, you might remember hearing dire warnings about coconut oil’s link to high cholesterol, obesity, cardiovascular disease—you name it. Fast forward to more recent times and coconut oil can do no wrong. It’s a celebrity craze, touted by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow for its age-defying, toxin-clearing abilities. Not coincidentally, it’s an increasingly popular ingredient in high-end cosmetics.

Since they don’t clog pores like animal fats, vegetable oils are actually surprisingly common in cosmetic products. Not all are as well-known as coconut oil, of course. Cottonseed oil is among the most common bases, thanks to a chemical profile that includes lots of low-density fats and an impressive ability to remain stable (and unseparated) for long periods. It’s also gentler on the skin than synthetic alternatives.

Cottonseed oil in cosmetics? Hey, you can learn a lot from reading those labels.

  1. A Sustainable Energy Source

Vegetable oil is often maligned as unhealthy. Nutritionists know that’s not the whole story—some types of fat, particularly the polyunsaturated varieties found in abundance in cottonseed oil, are good for you—but it’s certainly true that this class of cooking aid is high in total fat. That’s why it tastes so good.

The fat content of some vegetable oils, including cottonseed oil, could have implications for much more than your waistline. Cottonseed oil has a particularly high energy density, meaning it’s quite efficient as a fuel. Thanks to recent advances in diesel engine technology, it’s now possible to use it as a power source for millions of vehicles on the road today. More research and buy-in is needed to make this technology cheaper and more widely available, but it’s certainly encouraging in a world that’s hungry for sustainable energy.

  1. A Cheap Reserve of Tasty Protein

The world’s growing population needs cheap, sustainable food sources just as badly as it needs renewable energy. The solutions to our slow-motion food crisis will take many forms, but cottonseed oil and other under-used sources of cheap protein could make a key contribution. Though cotton is a wildly popular crop, farmers generally grow it for its signature fiber; its seeds are secondary, consigned to animal feed, or sold to oil producers.

Ongoing genetic research may change this. By selectively breeding cotton plants to produce even healthier, more protein-rich seeds, scientists could soon produce a type of cotton that’s nearly as prized for its seeds as for its fiber. Since cottonseeds are already relatively inexpensive, such an achievement could create a healthy, cost-effective source of protein for people in emerging economies.

The next time someone tells you that vegetable oil should stay in the fryer, tell them what you’ve just learned. After all, it would be a shame to shortchange a substance that makes people prettier, offers a clean, safe source of energy, and could make a significant difference for millions of undernourished global citizens.

Who does not like to shop? Ask any kid or adult about their last shopping spree and they can go on and on describing the outfits and the thrill of buying something new. Be it the latest fish cut dress adorned by their favorite actress or jacket sported by a particular sports icon, everyone wants a piece of the same fashion. However, one constant hurdle faced by the fashion-conscious is the unavailability or the hassle associated with trying to get the same type of apparel in a store…and here is where online shopping comes to the rescue!

Listed below are the various benefits that online apparel shopping brings to customers:

  • Discounts and offers

One of the biggest factors that work in the favour of these online shopping websites is the major monetary benefits they provide to the customers all through the year. Be it a festival period or any other duration, it doesn’t matter, discounts are always available. Be it an expensive Vero Moda dress or Jack & Jones pair of jeans, one may make use of coupons to buy the latest collections of trendy clothes without burning a hole in their branded jeans’ pocket.

  • Convenience

Unlike the brick-and-mortar stores that are open only till a certain hour, online shopping websites operate 24×7, all throughout the year. The apps of these websites and the websites themselves are available all the time, making shopping at even 3 am possible. Be it the train, or a boring class, you can shop for your favorite brand of clothes from anywhere at any time. Customers no longer have to make time to go to a store or hunt manually for what they want. The web pages have pictures of the apparel along with its size, color availability displayed for the potential buyer to see and make a choice. Furthermore, the websites provide delivery at our doorstep at the most minimal costs or even free. Thus, the shopper is saved the hassle of carrying around multiple bags and left with a better shopping experience.

  • Multiple brands under one roof

Malls were considered the answer to the problem of a shopper having to go to multiple locations to shop for different brands. However, with the advent of online shopping websites, even malls have become an obsolete shopping concept. These websites can house over 1000+ brands under their domain without any hassles. The user now has access to various brands, various products without tiring their heels. All they need to do is log in to the online shopping website, browse, select, and order.

  • Compare feature

Have you ever been confused between three jackets and unable to decide which one to buy? If the answer is yes, then online shopping websites have the solution to that problem. These websites have a compare feature wherein you can add products to your virtual cart and then indulge in some compare and contrast. The user can compare the brand, the price, the color, the percentage of discount on each product, etc., and make a purchase.

Such are the benefits of online shopping that more and more brands are opting to have their business shifted to such portals instead of opening retail outlets, thus saving time and efforts for both, the customer and the seller.

Summer has arrived, time to enjoy barbecues, bare legs, and warm evenings outside. However, you can also enjoy summer indoors by adding bright touches to your décor. You don’t have to undergo a full house makeover, just add some touches of vibrant color and pattern to give a seasonal lift.