Summer has arrived, time to enjoy barbecues, bare legs, and warm evenings outside. However, you can also enjoy summer indoors by adding bright touches to your décor. You don’t have to undergo a full house makeover, just add some touches of vibrant color and pattern to give a seasonal lift.


The bathroom is probably the cheapest and easiest area to transform. Start by investing in some fresh and bright new towels. Ditto the shower curtain, bin, and any other accessories such as toothbrush mugs and soap dishes. It’s fundamental advice, but you’ll be amazed at how much difference this will make without spending a fortune. For a dramatic change considered a bold, geometric wallpaper – just avoid the wettest areas of the room and go for an accent wall. Choose the lightest color within the pattern and use it on woodwork for a cohesive feel. Lastly, don’t underestimate the transformative power of a few plants!


Again you can take baby steps by changing bed linen, light fittings, and floor rugs, or you can make more radical changes – have you ever thought about painting your ceiling a bold color or even wallpapering it? If the budget is tight think about painting rather than replacing your furniture, while a small project with massive rewards is to paint your skirting board – white is out and the modern way is to go for a bold color. When choosing your palette, try clashing colors to help you wake up in the morning. Red with pink, blue and green with occasional sunshine yellow or orange with purple can work amazingly well when sprinkled with some gold accents for a luxe touch.

Living room

Use pattern in your soft furnishings for a lush, exotic look, sprinkling country house style with inspiration from Kew Gardens. Employ a broad color spectrum in different tones of two main shades, and don’t feel the need to make everything match. Occasional clashes look comfortable and relaxed, imitating the feel of linen and flip flops.

Dining room

Use reproduction designer furniture in retro-modern styles for a clean, fresh look that lets summer light spill into the room. Dining chairs in a variety of colors create a huge impact and work well with either chunky wooden or sleek glass tables. You may not want to eat indoors in summer but the famous British weather sometimes makes this inevitable, so add some cool mid-century modern accent lighting and reproduction designer furniture by pash-living for leisurely, relaxed meals focused on summer’s lighter, more colorful ingredients such as salads and fruit.


If you want to make major changes, focus on where the most surface area is used, such as splashbacks. You can change your existing tiles for exotic, encaustic tiles for a massive shot of color and pattern. If you want to tart up an older kitchen, paint the cabinet doors and drawers in a mixture of the colors taken from the tiles and update handles and knobs in matching style. Then you can bring in the accessories, and again it’s all about bold color for a summery feel. If your kitchen is rather minimal in style, add an open shelf and load it with bright serving ware.

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