Social Security


Social Security can be a confusing topic, as it might leave you wondering about the way forward. Your earnings are a crucial part of this aspect, as the more number of years that you work, the better it will do to your life and career. But there is an absolute truth to the statement that helps you boost your benefits. So, we are going to discuss in detail about all the facts that boost your benefits.

Years of Employment

If you doubt this, then you need to consider conducting research on the same to highlight the various benefits that it has to offer. After all the research, you can understand that the complex calculation starts from a 35-year average figure. The calculation of average will begin only after each year’s wages are adjusted based on the current year’s inflation. So, if you have worked for 35 years, then you can consider yourself to be lucky, as the government will use the highest 35 years for its calculation.


Claiming Benefits

Many tend to enter into a gamble of thoughts when it comes to claiming their benefits at the right age. But we firmly recommend that you collect it while you turn 63 or anytime till 70. If you move forward to collect it early, then your monthly payouts will be smaller. The more you delay from the age of 62, the better percentage of benefits you are going to receive. Hence have a happy retirement and wait for the right time to stake your claims.

Divorce and its Timing

Although it is pretty sad to think about it, in terms of benefits, there are specific rules that you need to follow. An unhappy marriage that lasted for nearly nine years can force you to file for divorce, but if you do, then you would not be able to stake your claim. If your marriage ended after a period of 10 years, then you can collect the Social Security benefit based upon half of your ex-spouse’s earnings or your earnings, whichever is higher.


Call the Lawyer for SSDI

Social Security Disability Insurance should be applied only after you consult a lawyer or an expert. For better clarity on the subject, you need to understand all the factors, and you can achieve that by logging on to various websites. SSDI applicants who file individually are denied at most instances for multiple reasons. So once you seek an expert’s opinion, you will be able to understand all the moves that you have to make in order to make get most out of the claim. Hence, consult a lawyer whenever you need to make a move for claiming.