Designing and decorating a small bathroom can be a real challenge. Limited space does not mean, however, that your bathroom cannot look good. Wondering how you can spruce up such a small interior? Take a look at some cool bathroom trends and tips prepared just for you. Create the functional and elegant bathroom of your dreams.

A Little Bathroom Remodel: Great Ideas For A Small Bathroom

best small bathroom trends

Designing a small bathroom can seem very complicated. But in fact, all you need to do is remember several simple rules and you will be able to create a functional and stylish space. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our ideas and design a beautiful and fully functional interior.

Small Bathroom Themes – The Light Color Palette Is Always A Good Choice!

One of the most important factors influencing interior design is color. It is the most remarkable feature that reflects the character of the room. There are an almost unlimited number of shades available, giving you many design possibilities. You can use the most basic colors, as well as prepare some unusual combinations.

When choosing a color for a small bathroom, it is good to use delicate and bright shades, to avoid unnecessary chaos. A small minimalist bathroom in white, beige, gray, or pastel colors is always a good choice. This trend has been very popular for several seasons, and it looks like it is going to stick around for a while.

Not Just The Walls! An Unusual Floor In A Small Bathroom

Not only is wall color important in a small bathroom, but you also need to choose your flooring material carefully. First choose the type – tile, stone, or plank, and then decide which color suits your needs. If you choose a dark floor, it should contrast with the color of the walls.

If you already have tiles of a particular color and you want to refresh your bathroom, but without a big revolution, you can do a simple trick. You just have to paint the tiles with a special type of paint. It is an inexpensive option that works every time.

Design Of A Small Eco-Style Bathroom

One of the most popular trends of the recent season is the ecological bathroom. The echo can be characterized by the combination of the beauty of smooth wood with classic colors. The most common combinations are light wood (or its imitation in the form of tiles) and smooth white walls. It is a very interesting design – elegant and minimalist.

Small Bathroom Decoration With Marble

A bathroom with marble tiles or accessories is a perfect design for anyone who loves elegant and luxurious interiors. The stone (or a good imitation) has a structure that makes the small bathroom look original and elegant.

Marble is perfect for glamorous feminine style interiors, which look very elegant. When organizing a small bathroom in this style, be careful not to overdo the textures and accessories. If you add too many decorations, the whole design could result in a cheap and kitschy look.

Design Of A Small Bathroom, How To Make It Look Bigger?

Home interior design trends are not just about wall color or finishing materials. It is very important to choose the correct type of lighting and lamps.

The Implication Of Lighting… It’s In!

It is important because a small interior usually has little access to daylight. When choosing the right type of lighting, several aspects must be taken into account, such as:

  • Temperature (warm or cool lighting) – the temperature of the lighting is important as it influences its shade. By choosing warm light, you get a yellow shade that is perfect for rest and relaxation. However, cool white light is probably a better choice for mirrors as it mimics daylight and makes daily activities like makeup and shaving easier.
  • Light Source Arrangement – If you are preparing your own small bathroom design, arrange the lights so that they illuminate every important piece of equipment. The light from the mirror is the most important since it allows you to see the reflection clearly.
  • Light intensity – depending on what you are trying to achieve, consider the intensity of the light. Too dark lighting in a windowless room could be quite troublesome and tiring to use during daily activities.

The angle of the light rays is also very important. A light source placed in the right place can make a small bathroom appear significantly larger, taking the “weight” away from the interior.

The rule is simple: choose as many light sources as you can. And most importantly, match several types of lamps. You can play with different sizes – it is very popular lately.

The Bigger The Mirror, The Better!

A good method to make a small bathroom appear larger is to hang a large mirror on one of the walls. A mirror is standard bathroom equipment anyway, so it’s good to use its full potential.

Instead of choosing small mirrors, go for large ones, which fill most of a wall or even the entire space. Avoid mirrors with decorative frames and choose ones with a slim, minimalist frame – or no frame at all. This way you can create an illusion of depth, which will make the small bathroom appear at least twice as large as it actually is.

A Small Bathroom In An Apartment Block – Tiles And Trendy Equipment

However, you could choose an interesting-looking outfit. Items such as a bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet are essential and cannot be overlooked in your project. For this reason, you should choose functional solutions that do not overwhelm the room, and that can give it a bit of character.

An unusually shaped, dark-colored sink or a quirky brass faucet? Any accent that makes the small bathroom look unique will do the trick.

A Small Bathroom With A Shower, Always In Fashion.

A good way to save space is to install a shower in your small bathroom. It is one of the most popular solutions among people who live in small apartments. Remember that each bathroom is different, and there are many models of showers. Before making the final decision, estimate the potential within you.

One of the best types of showers for small bathrooms is the corner or asymmetric cabin. You can also choose a modern curl-free shower, thanks to which your interior will appear more spacious.

If you have tiles on both the floor and the walls, you can also decide to install a shower with only one door and one drain. It is one of the fashionable solutions, widely used in modern bathroom designs.

Small Bathrooms With Bathtubs – Can They Be Stylish? Modernize The Classic Look

A bathtub usually takes up a lot of space, so it is not the best design for a small bathroom. Still, it might be a better option if a shower doesn’t suit your needs, but you need to plan your space sensibly.

When choosing the right bathtub for a small bathroom, pay special attention to its type and shape. Avoid classic bathtubs and freestanding bathtubs that have walls on either side. Both types take up too much space. Instead, choose a square hot tub. Its walls often imitate natural wood. It is a very innovative option, which is why it is becoming popular with homeowners.

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