For those seeking the ultimate experience of mind and body wellness, the sauna is a wonderful experience. The heated steamy environment makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, relieving stress and soreness from the body. It’s truly a holistic way of cleansing the body, reducing inflammation, and calming nerves. Though healthy in itself, the sauna can be unstable to use in large groups and family groups. Here is how best to manage your own with tips from real users of saunas. We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

How long to stay in the sauna?

If you prefer relaxed heat, stay in the sauna 1-2 minutes. If you need the treatment for over 5 to 10 minutes, try neti pot or steam bath. If it’s more than 15+mins, then leave the sauna and take a walk on the treadmill first before re-entry into this space (for safety reasons).

The temperature

40-50 degrees on initial heat. During the re-entry (for relief), it may stay 40 °C for a few seconds. But normally, during double steaming, it stays around 35-38 degrees continuously when you really breathe deeply and let the water sink into your body like clay’s grains to get detoxed from inside. On some occasions, I forgot to check the meter thermometer before going out of the room and then got amazed to see that the temperature inside was a maximum of around 42-45 degrees.

Listen to your body

When you enter the sauna, your body will tell you when it’s warm enough. A “small shower” and a few minutes later, still not ready to sit inside the whole time. This is a good sign that the temperature is uncomfortable for 5-10minutes if sitting in re-entry position(with eyes fully closed and breathing deeply) before going out of the room or coming back. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.

Sauna advantages

  1. Sauna is the best way to reduce stress
  2. Relaxes muscles and relieves soreness
  3. Lowers inflammation
  4. Calms nerves, reduce anxiety and tension headaches
  5. Reduces heart rate, Inject dye (for a blood test)
  6. Quick massage (for a second).
  7. Helps you to deeply relax and stay relaxed while working out in the gym or during meditation etc.

Sauna Disadvantages

  1. You sweat more in the sauna than other types of exercise
  2. It’s not good for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, or those who are diabetic
  3. Long waits can be frustrating
  4. It can be expensive
  5. Heat can cause food allergies or can lead to dehydration if you drink a lot of water before going in.
  6. The air inside is only cooler than the outside temperature and this causes discomfort for some people (sauna heat mirage). Besides sauna room heater needs cold cooling fans to maintain in session most of the time (only 15 minutes every hour ).

How to Use a Sauna and a Steam Room Properly

  1. It’s important not to lean over the edge because that ruins the steam room benefits. This may also cause one of two health problems:
  2. Steam burn – if you stand in a predesignated area with head and arms hanging down close to the floor wearing loose clothing like a cotton suit or synthetic shorts, there will be a risk of Sauna Burns. Your legs below the waistline and feet should remain outside the wet ring where freshwater is sprayed to prevent steam burns. This method of keeping feet warmer is called “Aqua Therapy.” Another way to keep yourself safe from the sauna or cold water burn as a newbie in Turkish Baths/Steam rooms;
  3. Moldy shower seat – If you take too long with your wet body into the bath area and sit on an empty spot (with no soap, no floor mat) that has been let out by another user before you, this spot can become a breeding population of fungal spores which appears after 30 minutes in sharp mucous and causes skin irritation, dermatitis. It is not advisable to take a shower two times more on that very same day if you soak when sweaty (after a strenuous workout).


There are several different types of saunas and they all have their own set of benefits. The duration that you spend in the sauna depends on how you want to benefit from it. For example, if you’re looking for a quick sweat session, then you can stay in the sauna for only 5 minutes or so. However, if you want to do a longer session, then it is recommended that you spend at least 10 minutes in the sauna. Finally, we recommended Waxing studio Manhattan and the Best facial for acne in Manhattan to know more details.

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