Bats are not scary or harmful as it looks. Instead, they are very gentle and quite shy. Though they are considered nuisance pests once you get to know about their nature it will be easy for you to get rid of bats. Bats are very friendly to our environment. It helps in the population control of insects. So instead of harming it, here we will know some proven effective methods about how to get rid of bats effectively without using any chemical or harming anyone.

Basic characteristics of Bats

Let’s first know some basic features of Bats which will help us to get rid of bats easily. Bats prefer the summer and spring seasons. In the winter season, they go into hibernation and depend on the fat they have collected during the year. They prefer dark places and well-shaded locations. In the case of indoor, they like attic space, a barn, roof, and storm drain. On the other hand, outdoor place includes caves, spaces in trees, tunnels and under the bridge. The main food of bat is insects, mosquitos, moths, and several kinds of fruits.

Effective Tips on How to get rid of Bats without harming or killing them

The best approach to get rid of bats is to prohibit or expulsion.

As you already know the basic traits of Bats, it will be easier for you now to implement the process of prohibition for not entering the bats at your home.

For the prohibition of bats entering into your house, your roof, attic, or any outdoor or indoor place most effective steps are given below:

Set a bat net

Firstly, you just have to identify their entrance location. Then install a bat net to cover the big hole. After purchasing the net you can cut the net according to the size of the net. On the other hand, for small holes, you can use a bat cone. For purchasing net, you can go for Bird Barrier StealthNet Bat Net. Its strong thins strands made up of UV-resistant polyethylene place is at the top popular choice.

Take-out food source from your out yards

If you are going through tough times for getting rid of bats from your home, you can take away all their major food sources from your garden or lawn. As of you already have known from the characteristics of bats what they intake. Some bats live on insects, some fruits or some may both. So, remove growing their favorite food from your out yards. You can protect your fruit with bird nets to protect it from fruits-eating bats.

Install a bat cone

Install a bat cone is the best approach to get rid of bats in the attic. It’s a bat removal method which helps them to fly out from your house but they can’t reenter from it. Many professionals certify it as one of the best methods as it serves as a one-way door. Bat cone is prepared with heavy plastic. It is built to get fitted with holes for easy installation.

Install bright lights

Like vampires can be disturbed by the sun, bats are also deterred by the bright light as well. They are most active during nights for food. When they get repelled by the bright light in their nest during sleep or rest, they have no way out rather leaving their home place.

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