Today we’re going to be looking at shark vacuum maintenance and what we have today is a shark navigator swivel plus and which is also known as Shark NV46.

So, here we have talked about its Basic and advanced maintenance and some fixing issues.

Regular Maintenance

It’s a bagless vacuum and a lot of the modern vacuums, they have just these canisters, which is nice. You don’t have to buy bags and usually, everything’s washable as well.

Just like with this one it’s very simple. You are going to want to put it back on there so you can see there’s a button right here, a silver button to the right of the handle there.

You just press it and it comes right off and then you put it back. It’s going to click to claim this. There are a few key spots. So, if you open the lid, there’s actually your first filter right here and this got some silver.

So, it’s like a metal filter and It’s got some holes in it. If that gets clogged, that’s the first point where the air is going to basically cap is going to catch all the debris.

So, you really want to make sure that that’s, that’s breathing there. So, to clean that which we’ll do is you’ll take a rag and you’ll just kind of rub along with it and you’ll see that will clean it off and it’ll open up that.

When per hair dirt and debris bothering you so much then it’s essential to take best shark vacuum for pet hair.

So, air can flow through there again, and then you just close the lid also to empty it.

You’ll press this button right here and I’m not going to do that since I don’t have a trash can right beside me, but you’ll press this button right here.

I’ll just show you how it drops down and it’ll open up and I’m sure you guys can figure that out on your own, but I just wanted to show you that just in case, put it back.

There is a lot of modern vacuums to filters are need washing you know and the purpose is basically to keep the motor clean.

Do you want clean air again getting into the motor, but also get back out to the environment you want to clean there and I’m going to just show you a quick example of arrogant sucked in and then where it will come out as well?


This is what we would call motor fields to cause the motor is within this part and this is the exhaust basically.

Under the canister, we have filters as well and I was saying, the first filter is up top right here in the canister and then within the vacuum canister, you can see it too.

So, everything’s in the case in this part, right? So, it’s going to catch all your debris outside of that cylinder within there.

The filter up top, and then it’s going to go right back through, down the cylinder under here, which is open and it’s going to work his way into these filters.

There is you have a filter cartridge or a holder and you can take this out and this is washable. So, you should run it under the sink until it’s about white.

These get yellow pretty quickly but until you’re bringing clean water.

You also have a filter underneath, right So a lot of filters going on but these are the pre-motor filters. Right

So, ensuring that they clean their kids to the motor and you have good airflow and this motor is sucking air and if these filters are clogged and not clean, it’s going to be harder for it to work and I’m going to turn this on underneath the cartridges.

You can actually take a look and see and basically the motor or the beginnings of the motor, and you can feel some air arrogant pulled in there and just need to turn that on.


Do you want your good suction power vacuum? So, you’ll notice with vacuums, everything pretty tight in it. If there’s a hole in the system or in the hose, the suction is not as good. So, they want a nice and tight there.

Then put the filters back in and this is Washable as well again you have to need to run this under the sink.

Till it’s running, putting clean water around to put it back in the same way, just right back in, tuck it under those little hooks that you’ll see there.

It’s looking good step back in then you’ll put the circle filter and It’s right back in place. The last filter I want to show you were the front filter or the post-motor filter.


back in there, it takes about, depending on the environment you’re in maybe two to four hours.

Make sure that button is clicked in there and then you did it right. You’ll put it on and everything will flow and this won’t pop off.

This filter is important because it’s going to keep your air-cleaning your house so that’s why make sure that one’s clean. This is your last filter before the air goes back into the environment.

So now I want to talk about some common clogs. This is going to be the most common issue you’re going to run into is that you’re going to be vacuuming along, and then you’re going to notice it’s not picking up stuff or it’s not picking up as much stuff as it was before and there are some common areas to check.

And the cool thing about this is if I show you this vacuum and a lot of them are going to have the same kind of design to it.

So, it’s going to translate over to those models as well. So, the first place I check, even though it seems like the host might be the first one, I’ll actually check the canister.

You can see the previous building right through here. If this gets clogged, that’s going to create just as much as you say, if the hose was calling.

Then usually if this top portion of the canister because ideally, debris will work its way down low, but if this top portion gets clogged, then the air is not going to flow.

So, make sure that that’s clean and that’s the first place right in the canister overloaded and then similar to that.

You’re going to check this area, which is basically if that’s fine, that it might have overflowed into this where it meets the canvas.


Then also the cool thing about these vacuums is a lot of the pieces will just come right off and so you can get good access to everything.

So, I took the hose right off and this piece will come off and you can always check to see if this is clogged.

But just be careful and you don’t want to put too much pressure on the clock area. Just want to go real gentle, just in case sometimes the, see like a paperclip or just a needle of some sort, that’s going to Pierce your hose if you press too hard on it.

If you want to work it out there without years in the hopes that that would be ideal and then just, you know, work your way down.

And if I had a cog in there with pop right up and another area is right here and sees the hose will connect.

You can check this little piece of hose, right? So, you can check up top, down, and low So it’s all those and where the hose meets.

You can’t take it off, but some of the newer ones allow you to take that piece off, and then putting everything back is just as simple as you took it off.

So, it’s got, it’s got clips on it. You push them and to pull down and then you’ll just push it up till it clicks.

Now it’s time to take off the brush, roll on your shark vacuum. So, you’ll see, there’s a button back here. It gets a little tricky.

It’s a little bit tough to pull off sometimes and you will need to use your foot on the base. Now you have a need to pushing and pulling apart, but you’ll need to just press the button and that’ll release this.

Then you just have access to underneath and sometimes this can be collected to the point where it won’t spin.

Maybe something got caught in their paperclip or anything like that and It just causes you not to spin it and you might hear it clicking as it spins so you can hold whatever that is out.

Usually, also, you get a lot of hair on here and you can run a razor blade.


This shark vacuum is really awesome one and when you going to fix it that is so simple. Here we have discussed elaborately how you can fix it.

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