Welcome to our article on how to do a wheelie on a BMX. Here we have discussed details of BMX bike wheelie guidelines. Here remind it that safety is the first option.

Wheelie on a BMX with safety

So first what you’ll want to do is safety. First, of course, I would recommend wearing pads, especially on your knees.

Always wear pads when you ride the bike, especially it will hurt if you hate your knees might be on the bars a helmet and it’s optional.

If you’re just riding around, I’m a neighborhood doing little hops of curbs. I think that you don’t really need a helmet, but if you’re doing like 360 soft stair sets, then I would commend wearing a helmet.


If you’re a beginner. So the first thing you want to do in a wheelie is you’ll need a bike. So then what you want to do is you push down on the pedal and at the exact same time you pull up and it kind of looks like this.

So when you push down and you pedal and pull up at the same time. So that’s kind of the first step when doing a wheelie. Here’s an example of what it looks like down on the pedal. Pull

push down on the pedal and pull up because it’s easier for the meal to come up to the ground field force. So that is the first step for the tech. I have no idea.


One important thing that you’ll want to remember when doing a wheelie is how to. Not get hurt. If you get in an accident like if you go too high, you have to do this thing that you leap out where you jump off the bike.

So you don’t get hurt or fall on your back. Here’s what it looks like. I’m going to try to frame an example.

Then you want to try to keep the front of the bike up and you do that by you just keep pedaling. You don’t do one and then you go down, you just lift up.

So you want to practice that you want to keep pedaling and do the leap out.

Try not to go too high if he goes too high and then you don’t want to do a week out, be careful with this so you can just stop pedaling for a moment, and then you’ll go down and then keep pedaling.

So those are all the main steps for how to do a really on an adult BMX bike. You could also do it sitting down.

Maybe on a different bike or if you put your seat, hi, um, also be careful and try doing the leap outs. It’s kind of the same thing for manuals.

Bunny Hop

First things first it’s a bunny hop through stuff, overstaff, whatnot. Most people do it wrong. They do it like this.

They sort of come up to a stair-step and just sort of crop dust off the top of it. Not much here, not much hired the correct way to do it is like us.

You go at your object, your buddy hops into it and then out in and out, it’s not straight at that time. Once you get more confident with it, you can start going faster and faster.

It’s just basically bunny hop and then out. I think this is one of the most important things. Throw five BMX.

Next, we have slides of grinds. The most important thing to a good slide is speed. Got to have good speed. Otherwise, you’re going to fail every time. The next important thing is a clean bunny hop. Good speed.

Clean bunny hop. Then you can start doing things like getting up and over the rail. You can start doing three sixties to seventies into slides.

But the biggest, most important thing is speed and a clean study hall. Once you start dominating, you can do our slides like this as well.

Now, as you’ll probably know, traveling around the map on a BMX is a real pain in the ass.

It’s so slow. This method here helps you go along faster than most cars are you doing as bunny hopping and leading the forward over and over again, it takes a bit to get used to, but it’s a really handy way to get around the city.

Next, up, we have the nose manual, or sloppy not sure what you call it properly, or you need to do it versus you buddy hop in leaning forward.

And then you slightly hold the brake and takes quite a bit of practice to get it right. But once you do, you can start striking them together like this and throw out a bit of a spin as well. And lastly, we’ve just got

Otherwise, you’re the boss. And lastly, the same as a 360, do the backflip, you can pull it down to the diagonal. It does a flourishing kind of thing.

Looks really good. All right, everyone. Well, that’s the end of the tutorial. I know it was fairly basic, but I do hope it helps them. You guys that have just started, let me know what you think of the comments.


So please make sure to watch that if you need it in your life, somewhere up here, way up there in the sky where that bird is. Thanks for reading our article and if you want to learn more about biking tips you can follow OutdoorXsports.

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