block stolen iPhone


Suppose you have suffered the theft of your smartphone or have lost it and want to lock your phone. You will find all the information described in detail to proceed with the IMEI lock (so you will make your iPhone unusable even in case of SIM change or iPhone formatting), the iPhone SIM lock, and the iPhone lock with remote data deletion.

How to block stolen iPhone with IMEI numbers?

The IMEI blocking of your iPhone is an operation that must be requested from the telephone operator to which your sim belongs and is carried out by it. First, let’s worry about finding the IMEI.

The IMEI (an acronym for International Mobile station Equipment Identity) for those who do not know is a code consisting of 15 digits that uniquely identifies each iPhone or smartphone. Every time we make a call or browse, our operator will allow us to carry out these operations only if the IMEI code and the ICCID code of our telephone sim (i.e., the code you find printed above, which can be 19/20 digits) are not reported and are regular.

If the IMEI code is blocked, the telephone operator of any country (even abroad) will prevent the mobile phone from connecting to any antenna to receive the telephone signal or to surf the Internet via a mobile connection, effectively making the mobile phone blocked. It’s useless. The only way to bypass these blocks is by changing the IMEI code, an operation not within everyone’s reach, a little complicated to perform, and using another sim. Unfortunately, this is the only tool available to the victim to prevent their mobile phone from being reused and sold.

How to find IMEI on iPhone

If you want to find the IMEI code of your iPhone, first open iTunes on the computer you are backing up your smartphone with. Look for the “Edit” menu and then go to “Preferences” (on Windows) “iTunes” and then go to “Preferences” (on Mac) and in the window that appears, click on the “Devices” or “Devices” tab if you have Itunes set in English. Position the mouse on your iPhone and after a few seconds, various information about your device will appear in a box, including the IMEI code.

Lock or reset data on iPhone

If the lost smartphone is an iPhone, first connect to the iCloud site, log into your account with your Apple ID and then click on the “Find iPhone” icon.

At this point, open the “All devices” menu and select your device.

Now you just have to click on “Initialize the iPhone” to delete all the data in it, but be careful. As for Android, after this operation, you will no longer be able to trace the smartphone. Alternatively, you can click on “Lost Mode” so that a personalized message appears on the home screen and a security code protects your smartphone.

The IMEI will thus be blocked within a few days as soon as all the documents arrive at their destination and are processed. To check the status of the block, you need to contact your telephone operator.

Request the SIM lock

To block the telephone SIM present in the lost or lost mobile phone, it is sufficient to call the customer service of our telephone operator in the shortest possible time. Select the items that allow us to speak with an operator to whom we can report the theft/loss of the SIM. It will be blocked after the operator has verified our identity, corresponding to the sim holder. Once the sim is blocked via an operator, you can go as soon as you can to a store and request a new card to retrieve your phone number.

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