Training at home can be more productive even than going to the gym. And you don’t need to have kettlebells or dumbbells or bars to exercise. You can also do cardio exercises and work with your body weight and, in addition to burning fat, you will get much fitter. Design your own routines, in AMRAP or EMOM format, for example, and choose among all these exercises that we offer you.

The 10 best cardio exercises to train at home


Cardio exercises to burn fat

When it comes to getting in shape at home with a simple and effective exercise. You must choose the burpees yes or yes. It is a classic of any training, from CrossFit to HIIT or toning workouts. A full body exercise that will really put you in shape and is one of the best exercises to gain muscle and burn fat.

Aerial Squats

Another basic is to gain strength is the entire lower body. Tips? Perform the squats very deep, with your arms stretched out in front and with a straight back and a firm core. There are many variations, so find your best squat and hit it hard. It is recommended to keep the torso more inclined and much more flexion at the hips than at the knees in this case. These squats are very effective for developing the glutes.

Mountain Climbers

Basic to burn fat, give maximum power and rhythm to the exercise by taking the feet alternately towards your chest. It is very simple to do at home and it will bring you great benefits if you want to lose weight. It requires no fitness equipment and is great for working your core and building upper body strength.


With this exercise, we combine strength with a few cardio exercises if we speed up each of the repetitions. We already know that push-ups are one of the basic strength exercises with body weight, but in this case, we will look for speed without neglecting the technique. Chest and triceps to the fullest!

Goblet Squat

Similar to overhead squats, but with a weight between your hands to add more resistance to the exercise throughout the stroke. Adjust the weight to your measurements and needs. This variant helps to enhance the work of the legs and buttocks.


Or CrossFit abs, to pump up our core and continue defining our six pack and abs. This exercise goes beyond traditional sit-ups and is included in many high-intensity workouts. We lie down with our feet together with our knees to the sides, tighten our core well and climb energetically with our hands in front of our feet, and then lower to the same lying position.

Jump Squats

Another essential of training is to burn fat. They are some of the most explosive squats. It is about getting a good position from the beginning and maintaining it throughout the exercise without leaving the intensity in the background. Squat and vertical jump, simple, right?


It is one of the running techniques of athletics and consists of raising the knees above the waist while running on the spot or forward. Pure cardio exercises to train at home and burn fat in abundance.

Double under or double jump rope

Perhaps, jumping rope is one of the exercises that burn the most calories and the main difficulty in achieving a stable and dynamic rhythm to speed up our metabolism. When it comes to burning fat, it is equal to or more effective than going for a run.

If you want to burn calories following in the footsteps of Alexander Anasagasti jumping rope, you just have to get a rope.

Bicycle upside down pedaling

Lying face up on the floor, with our hands behind our necks, we raise our legs with our knees bent and simulate riding a bicycle. Ideal exercise to strengthen the lower body

Liss Training (Cardio)

If we decide on the LISS activity (‘Low-intensity steady state’) known as continuous cardio exercises at a moderate light level, “we must prepare ourselves to perform aerobic exercises; that means that you will exercise the main muscle groups of the body, the largest. These muscles will demand oxygen, which will reach the entire body, benefiting the body extraordinarily”, says this expert.

Cardio exercises are longer than HIIT. Therefore, it will be a more thorough training and the consequence will be to fully oxygenate the body and reduce accumulated fat. In addition, with these exercises to burn fat, the release of enzymes and hormones such as endorphins is also activated. These substances are responsible for promoting the proper functioning of your immune system, increasing natural defenses.

HIIT Training

The name by which these exercises are known, HIIT, comes from its name in English: High-Intensity Interval Training. Therefore, if we choose to opt for practicing this discipline, we will find high-intensity sports activities, at intervals. “They are short sessions of about twenty minutes performing exercises to burn fat with high intensity. The series is worked for a period of time that can go from thirty seconds to a minute, resting for the same time”, explains Gaëlle Colum, who adds “we could say that HIIT is so intense at the cardiovascular level, with little recovery time between the series, that the body works with an oxygen deficit, and this means that during the hours following HIIT training, the body continues to burn more energy because it needs to recover more than a cardio session”.

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