Don’t get overwhelmed… If you want to get in shape or start exercising again, we’ll give you all the reasons to find your ideal gym.

If you are thinking of joining the gym, surely you have doubts and some other fear or insecurity, especially the first few days. For this reason, we want to help you by giving you some keys so that you can choose the best gym or training center that suits you best. To find out what we have to ask a gym, we have asked the specialists at FaWellness, Personalized Training, and Nutrition Center in San Sebastian.

But, first, let’s start with the fundamentals: to create adherence to the gym, it is best that you start seeing results soon, so as not to fall apart. So make sure that your gym and your trainer offer you and advise you on strength routines, and that you always have exercises such as the bench press, deadlift, or squats in your workouts, which are used to gain muscle and burn fat quickly.

keys to choosing a good gym

Tips to choose ideal gym

The attitude with which new resolutions are started is very positive, but it is generally difficult to maintain it over time, which is why we believe it is important that you take into account some of the aspects that we detail below, as they will help you become aware and generate that much-needed stickiness to achieve optimal results, and what better way to start than knowing what a good gym should offer you.

It Must Be Well Located

It should have comfortable access, allowing you to go to it easily and without complications. It must be well connected with public transport, and for those who like to go by car, offer a quick, easy and cheap way to park without wasting time.

References Are Important

Reputation is very important. Ask people what they think of the Center, go to its website and read the reviews and criticisms of its students, this will help you to assess it better.

What Can They Offer You?

It is important to know if the gym is aware of current trends, and for this later we will detail a list of services that will give you added value.

Does It Allow You To Organize Your Schedules?

Make sure that the activities that interest you are available at the times that suit you and check the level of the activity that is offered at that specific time, as it may not be the most suitable for you; in this case, it is better that you let yourself be advised by a qualified professional.


Regardless of whether it is full or not, look at the atmosphere. You have to ask yourself, do you identify yourself? Is it comfortable? Would you be comfortable?

Cleanliness And Hygiene, Above All

One of the most important things is their cleanliness, so if possible go into the changing rooms and check them out.

Qualified Professional

The soul of a gym is the staff, especially the teachers/trainers. Many times the trainers themselves show the center, and if by chance they are teaching you they leave you a moment to correct someone who is doing something wrong…, what is more proof is that they take care of their clients? But if the information is not given by the coach himself, if you see fit, ask to speak to him.

Other Details

Some detail that may interest you when choosing can be the type of music, if it is to your liking or not, if the material is all ordered, etc.

And here is the list of services that will give you added value, so that you never forget your health:

Treat People Individually And Personally

individuality should not be confused with personalization; In this field, the Personalized Training Centers take the cake, since they are dedicated to working exclusively on the needs of each person, so the probability of generating adherence to an active and healthy life is greater. However, since this personalization, offering group classes are gaining strength, although they must be very small in order not to lose the personalization and individualization in each session.

The Implementation Of Technology

Everyone knows that we live in a digital age, so the use of activity bracelets or smart watches for the optimal recording and analysis of training, the results and monitoring measurements they offer are a great incentive for you to better understand your workouts. , maintain motivation in each session, and achieve results in a safer and more measurable way, that’s why they provide you with a heart rate monitor if you don’t have one or you forget it is a great added bonus.

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