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Vegan cheeses: they exist and are delicious

Vegan cheeses

Overcoming preconceptions and prejudices, which want vegan foods as mere alternatives that recall, more or less vaguely, the flavor of the product they are inspired by and from which they often derive their name: the new frontier of vegan nutrition is increasingly oriented towards quality, in the awareness that a product of exclusively vegetable origin is above all a food, prepared with its ingredients and its processing, which can be consumed by everyone and anyone who appreciates its flavor. And, as we will see, vegan cheeses fit this description perfectly.

Vegan cheeses, more than just alternatives

The new generation of vegan cheeses is very far from the classic stigma that accompanies foods without animal derivatives and dairy-free, ie that they are essentially symbols of a “vocation to deprivation” typical of those who choose the vegan diet. These products, in fact, surprise for the refinement of the production system and, above all, for the final taste, which puts them at the same level, if not sometimes even above, of the “counterparts” from an organoleptic point of view.

Furthermore, in many cases vegan cheeses are free of cholesterol, lactose, and casein, and contain fewer calories and fat than the classic cow’s milk cheese, thus proving also ideal for a slimming diet or for a more prudent regime.

And one should not think of a contemporary fashion: in reality, the first document attesting the attempt to make cheese not based on animal milk dates back to 1896, when for religious-food reasons John Harvey Kellogg (the father of the homonymous company in breakfast cereals) invented Nuttose, food based on cooked peanuts that could be used as a substitute for cheese or meat.

How are vegan cheeses

In addition to vegetarian cheeses (which however contain animal derivatives), there are many 100% vegetable cheeses on the market that are designed for vegans, but more generally also for celiacs, those who are intolerant or allergic to lactose, want to vary their diet, those who look for low-fat alternatives or is curious to experiment with new tastes to alternate in the weekly diet and so on.

Generally, these products are fermented just like the classic variants and are produced starting from completely natural ingredients and using technologies and experiments associated with traditional cheesemaking techniques, frequently avoiding the use of additives and chemical flavors to favor the process.

To facilitate the understanding of the offer, Eater – one of the bibles of the US diet – has proposed a standardization that divides vegan cheeses into three macro-categories according to quality, taste, and texture.

Industrial cheeses made with vegetable oils, starches, and flavor enhancers, which are the lowest quality level, with a plastic consistency and indefinite flavor.

Cheeses derived from the fermentation of vegetable milk – from hazelnut to oats – to which are added probiotics and enzymes. They are superior, qualitatively better and tastier, and can offer addictive textures and flavors in terms of creaminess and taste.

Vegan artisanal cheeses, made with dairy processing techniques that have nothing to envy to the classic ones (molds, inoculations, care, flavorings), usually applied to cashews and dried fruit, which lead to the creation of products with a defined character.

A growing market

The increase in demand is also driving towards these increasingly better and higher quality productions: according to the Eurispes 2020 research, today more than 2% of Italians are vegan (while almost 7% are vegetarians), and the figure is growing significantly constant year over year.

The market data is also relevant: according to the Veganok Observatory, only between March and September 2020 (in full lockdown), the number of vegan products distributed in large-scale distribution grew by 3.1%, while sales grew by +5.1 %. More generally, the analyzes of international observers indicate that the global plant-based meat market alone exceeded $ 3 billion in 2019, with annual growth estimates of 19.4% from 2020 to 2027.

In short, the market is growing and so are the tastes, needs, and awareness of the modern consumer, who is no longer limited to looking for a product that echoes – in name, taste, texture, and appearance – a food “Normal”, but he wants quality food because he is attentive to the ingredients and the origin of the products he brings to the table. Furthermore, the equally relevant issue of food intolerances, especially lactose and gluten, is another element that leads to the choice of “free-from” and plant-based foods, which is the most immediate and often tasty answer to the problem.

Speaking of the market, however, we cannot fail to mention the decision of the European Parliament, which confirmed, for producers of substitute foods in the dairy market, the ban on using names that imitate or evoke dairy products. This means that the very diction vegan cheese is “wrong”, even if it has now entered the common lexicon.

What are vegan cheeses?

Until recently, saying vegan cheese meant referring only to tofu, food prepared with the curdling of soybean juice and declined in various forms, different in characteristics, uses, and consistency.

Today, as mentioned, the producers have equipped themselves to propose different and surprising solutions: among the Italian brands engaged in the production of alternatives to cheese there are Sayve and Cicioni, which have the Veganok certification and use 100% vegetable ingredients. Also very interesting is the range of Vegand’or vegetable cheeses, which proposes formulations of vegan recipes linked to the Mediterranean tradition such as Vegand’or Fiorito (a 100% vegetable Camembert made from the hot spinning dough), Vegand’or Filante (the vegan mozzarella ), or the Vegand’or Stagionato (possible substitute for Parmesan and Grana, totally gluten-free).

Another Italian company, Dall’Albero, proposes itself as a “vegetable fermenter” and offers a complete range of vegetable alternatives to cheese, handcrafted in Italy with traditional techniques. To date, there are about 20 types of products, from fresh cheeses to spreads to seasoned and molded cheeses.

Still remaining with the national producers, it is also worth mentioning Verys, which offers a line of “fresh vegetable alternatives” such as Strachicco (vegan version of stracchino) or Chiccotta (ricotta), derived from the sprouting of rice. From the same ingredient comes the MozzaRisella, created by another manufacturer, which is a vegan version of the classic mozzarella, just as greedy and stringy, while the ” No Muh ” line of Vegusto, a vegetable alternative to cheese available, is inspired (also) by Parmesan. in many variations, one of the first to appear on the national market.

Finally, for those looking for quick solutions and not disdaining more industrial productions. We remind you that many brands have opted for vegan proposals that can also be found in the classic retail outlets; one of the most popular products is Tenerotta Valsoia, 100% vegetable ricotta of the well-known brand, which can be used without distinction for all recipes that require the use of the original ingredient, both raw and cooked.

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How to Maintain Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Easy Guideline

Maintain Shark Navigator Swivel

Today we’re going to be looking at shark vacuum maintenance and what we have today is a shark navigator swivel plus and which is also known as Shark NV46.

So, here we have talked about its Basic and advanced maintenance and some fixing issues.

Regular Maintenance

It’s a bagless vacuum and a lot of the modern vacuums, they have just these canisters, which is nice. You don’t have to buy bags and usually, everything’s washable as well.

Just like with this one it’s very simple. You are going to want to put it back on there so you can see there’s a button right here, a silver button to the right of the handle there.

You just press it and it comes right off and then you put it back. It’s going to click to claim this. There are a few key spots. So, if you open the lid, there’s actually your first filter right here and this got some silver.

So, it’s like a metal filter and It’s got some holes in it. If that gets clogged, that’s the first point where the air is going to basically cap is going to catch all the debris.

So, you really want to make sure that that’s, that’s breathing there. So, to clean that which we’ll do is you’ll take a rag and you’ll just kind of rub along with it and you’ll see that will clean it off and it’ll open up that.

When per hair dirt and debris bothering you so much then it’s essential to take best shark vacuum for pet hair.

So, air can flow through there again, and then you just close the lid also to empty it.

You’ll press this button right here and I’m not going to do that since I don’t have a trash can right beside me, but you’ll press this button right here.

I’ll just show you how it drops down and it’ll open up and I’m sure you guys can figure that out on your own, but I just wanted to show you that just in case, put it back.

There is a lot of modern vacuums to filters are need washing you know and the purpose is basically to keep the motor clean.

Do you want clean air again getting into the motor, but also get back out to the environment you want to clean there and I’m going to just show you a quick example of arrogant sucked in and then where it will come out as well?


This is what we would call motor fields to cause the motor is within this part and this is the exhaust basically.

Under the canister, we have filters as well and I was saying, the first filter is up top right here in the canister and then within the vacuum canister, you can see it too.

So, everything’s in the case in this part, right? So, it’s going to catch all your debris outside of that cylinder within there.

The filter up top, and then it’s going to go right back through, down the cylinder under here, which is open and it’s going to work his way into these filters.

There is you have a filter cartridge or a holder and you can take this out and this is washable. So, you should run it under the sink until it’s about white.

These get yellow pretty quickly but until you’re bringing clean water.

You also have a filter underneath, right So a lot of filters going on but these are the pre-motor filters. Right

So, ensuring that they clean their kids to the motor and you have good airflow and this motor is sucking air and if these filters are clogged and not clean, it’s going to be harder for it to work and I’m going to turn this on underneath the cartridges.

You can actually take a look and see and basically the motor or the beginnings of the motor, and you can feel some air arrogant pulled in there and just need to turn that on.


Do you want your good suction power vacuum? So, you’ll notice with vacuums, everything pretty tight in it. If there’s a hole in the system or in the hose, the suction is not as good. So, they want a nice and tight there.

Then put the filters back in and this is Washable as well again you have to need to run this under the sink.

Till it’s running, putting clean water around to put it back in the same way, just right back in, tuck it under those little hooks that you’ll see there.

It’s looking good step back in then you’ll put the circle filter and It’s right back in place. The last filter I want to show you were the front filter or the post-motor filter.


back in there, it takes about, depending on the environment you’re in maybe two to four hours.

Make sure that button is clicked in there and then you did it right. You’ll put it on and everything will flow and this won’t pop off.

This filter is important because it’s going to keep your air-cleaning your house so that’s why make sure that one’s clean. This is your last filter before the air goes back into the environment.

So now I want to talk about some common clogs. This is going to be the most common issue you’re going to run into is that you’re going to be vacuuming along, and then you’re going to notice it’s not picking up stuff or it’s not picking up as much stuff as it was before and there are some common areas to check.

And the cool thing about this is if I show you this vacuum and a lot of them are going to have the same kind of design to it.

So, it’s going to translate over to those models as well. So, the first place I check, even though it seems like the host might be the first one, I’ll actually check the canister.

You can see the previous building right through here. If this gets clogged, that’s going to create just as much as you say, if the hose was calling.

Then usually if this top portion of the canister because ideally, debris will work its way down low, but if this top portion gets clogged, then the air is not going to flow.

So, make sure that that’s clean and that’s the first place right in the canister overloaded and then similar to that.

You’re going to check this area, which is basically if that’s fine, that it might have overflowed into this where it meets the canvas.


Then also the cool thing about these vacuums is a lot of the pieces will just come right off and so you can get good access to everything.

So, I took the hose right off and this piece will come off and you can always check to see if this is clogged.

But just be careful and you don’t want to put too much pressure on the clock area. Just want to go real gentle, just in case sometimes the, see like a paperclip or just a needle of some sort, that’s going to Pierce your hose if you press too hard on it.

If you want to work it out there without years in the hopes that that would be ideal and then just, you know, work your way down.

And if I had a cog in there with pop right up and another area is right here and sees the hose will connect.

You can check this little piece of hose, right? So, you can check up top, down, and low So it’s all those and where the hose meets.

You can’t take it off, but some of the newer ones allow you to take that piece off, and then putting everything back is just as simple as you took it off.

So, it’s got, it’s got clips on it. You push them and to pull down and then you’ll just push it up till it clicks.

Now it’s time to take off the brush, roll on your shark vacuum. So, you’ll see, there’s a button back here. It gets a little tricky.

It’s a little bit tough to pull off sometimes and you will need to use your foot on the base. Now you have a need to pushing and pulling apart, but you’ll need to just press the button and that’ll release this.

Then you just have access to underneath and sometimes this can be collected to the point where it won’t spin.

Maybe something got caught in their paperclip or anything like that and It just causes you not to spin it and you might hear it clicking as it spins so you can hold whatever that is out.

Usually, also, you get a lot of hair on here and you can run a razor blade.


This shark vacuum is really awesome one and when you going to fix it that is so simple. Here we have discussed elaborately how you can fix it.

If you want to learn more, visit our vacuuming blog homeplix.

How to Wheelie on Your BMX Bike Like a Pro

wheelie on a BMX

Welcome to our article on how to do a wheelie on a BMX. Here we have discussed details of BMX bike wheelie guidelines. Here remind it that safety is the first option.

Wheelie on a BMX with safety

So first what you’ll want to do is safety. First, of course, I would recommend wearing pads, especially on your knees.

Always wear pads when you ride the bike, especially it will hurt if you hate your knees might be on the bars a helmet and it’s optional.

If you’re just riding around, I’m a neighborhood doing little hops of curbs. I think that you don’t really need a helmet, but if you’re doing like 360 soft stair sets, then I would commend wearing a helmet.


If you’re a beginner. So the first thing you want to do in a wheelie is you’ll need a bike. So then what you want to do is you push down on the pedal and at the exact same time you pull up and it kind of looks like this.

So when you push down and you pedal and pull up at the same time. So that’s kind of the first step when doing a wheelie. Here’s an example of what it looks like down on the pedal. Pull

push down on the pedal and pull up because it’s easier for the meal to come up to the ground field force. So that is the first step for the tech. I have no idea.


One important thing that you’ll want to remember when doing a wheelie is how to. Not get hurt. If you get in an accident like if you go too high, you have to do this thing that you leap out where you jump off the bike.

So you don’t get hurt or fall on your back. Here’s what it looks like. I’m going to try to frame an example.

Then you want to try to keep the front of the bike up and you do that by you just keep pedaling. You don’t do one and then you go down, you just lift up.

So you want to practice that you want to keep pedaling and do the leap out.

Try not to go too high if he goes too high and then you don’t want to do a week out, be careful with this so you can just stop pedaling for a moment, and then you’ll go down and then keep pedaling.

So those are all the main steps for how to do a really on an adult BMX bike. You could also do it sitting down.

Maybe on a different bike or if you put your seat, hi, um, also be careful and try doing the leap outs. It’s kind of the same thing for manuals.

Bunny Hop

First things first it’s a bunny hop through stuff, overstaff, whatnot. Most people do it wrong. They do it like this.

They sort of come up to a stair-step and just sort of crop dust off the top of it. Not much here, not much hired the correct way to do it is like us.

You go at your object, your buddy hops into it and then out in and out, it’s not straight at that time. Once you get more confident with it, you can start going faster and faster.

It’s just basically bunny hop and then out. I think this is one of the most important things. Throw five BMX.

Next, we have slides of grinds. The most important thing to a good slide is speed. Got to have good speed. Otherwise, you’re going to fail every time. The next important thing is a clean bunny hop. Good speed.

Clean bunny hop. Then you can start doing things like getting up and over the rail. You can start doing three sixties to seventies into slides.

But the biggest, most important thing is speed and a clean study hall. Once you start dominating, you can do our slides like this as well.

Now, as you’ll probably know, traveling around the map on a BMX is a real pain in the ass.

It’s so slow. This method here helps you go along faster than most cars are you doing as bunny hopping and leading the forward over and over again, it takes a bit to get used to, but it’s a really handy way to get around the city.

Next, up, we have the nose manual, or sloppy not sure what you call it properly, or you need to do it versus you buddy hop in leaning forward.

And then you slightly hold the brake and takes quite a bit of practice to get it right. But once you do, you can start striking them together like this and throw out a bit of a spin as well. And lastly, we’ve just got

Otherwise, you’re the boss. And lastly, the same as a 360, do the backflip, you can pull it down to the diagonal. It does a flourishing kind of thing.

Looks really good. All right, everyone. Well, that’s the end of the tutorial. I know it was fairly basic, but I do hope it helps them. You guys that have just started, let me know what you think of the comments.


So please make sure to watch that if you need it in your life, somewhere up here, way up there in the sky where that bird is. Thanks for reading our article and if you want to learn more about biking tips you can follow OutdoorXsports.

5 Effective Used Car Bargaining Tips for Buyers

If you’re in the market for another vehicle, there are a lot of benefits that come with purchasing a used car. They’re cheaper. They tend to have lower registration fees. You can oftentimes find one that doesn’t have a ton of mileage on it, plus the insurance rates are usually cheaper too.

It can be even more beneficial to purchase a used car when you know how to apply certain bargaining tips so that you can get one for the best price. If you’d like some tips on how to do that, here are five proven ones:

Bring an inspector along with you.

Before getting into how to negotiate with the seller of a used car, it’s important to keep in mind that you should never take a seller at their word when it comes to the history or condition of a particular vehicle. That’s why you should look up the make and model on websites and also take a professional inspector along with you to look it over. That way, if the inspector notices some issues that the seller wasn’t forthcoming about, it gives you the upper hand when it comes to bargaining a price.

Know how much you are willing to pay.

One thing that you don’t want to do is give the seller the impression that you don’t have a budget in mind when it comes to just how much you are willing to pay for their vehicle. So, figure out in your head the highest amount that you’ll be willing to offer. That will help you to remain focused during the negotiating process.

State your lowest offer.

Once you know what your highest offer is, the thing that you don’t want to do is immediately state it. In fact, it’s best if you start with your lowest bid and then go from there. You never know. The first amount that you offer to the seller may be the one that they are willing to accept. Especially if you do the following thing.

Express your intention to purchase the car immediately.

Whether you’re intending to purchase a car through a private seller or a used car dealership like Warrenton Toyota, when it comes to used car shopping, something that all sellers are interested in is cold hard cash. By expressing your intentions to purchase the car immediately with a cashier’s check or money order, not only does this convey how serious you are but it also increases the chances of you being able to get a better offer on the car. For example, a car that is on sale for $5,000, may be able to get for $4,500 if you can pay it that same day.

Be patient with the process.

As with all major purchases, buying a used car is a process. That’s why it’s so important to be patient and to remain focused. Don’t be too eager. Don’t waver when it comes to your offer. Be willing to let the seller take a day or two to make a decision. The saying “good things come to those who wait” is definitely one that applies to buying the used car that you want.

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How to get rid of bats

get rid of bats

Bats are not scary or harmful as it looks. Instead, they are very gentle and quite shy. Though they are considered nuisance pests once you get to know about their nature it will be easy for you to get rid of bats. Bats are very friendly to our environment. It helps in the population control of insects. So instead of harming it, here we will know some proven effective methods about how to get rid of bats effectively without using any chemical or harming anyone.

Basic characteristics of Bats

Let’s first know some basic features of Bats which will help us to get rid of bats easily. Bats prefer the summer and spring seasons. In the winter season, they go into hibernation and depend on the fat they have collected during the year. They prefer dark places and well-shaded locations. In the case of indoor, they like attic space, a barn, roof, and storm drain. On the other hand, outdoor place includes caves, spaces in trees, tunnels and under the bridge. The main food of bat is insects, mosquitos, moths, and several kinds of fruits.

Effective Tips on How to get rid of Bats without harming or killing them

The best approach to get rid of bats is to prohibit or expulsion.

As you already know the basic traits of Bats, it will be easier for you now to implement the process of prohibition for not entering the bats at your home.

For the prohibition of bats entering into your house, your roof, attic, or any outdoor or indoor place most effective steps are given below:

Set a bat net

Firstly, you just have to identify their entrance location. Then install a bat net to cover the big hole. After purchasing the net you can cut the net according to the size of the net. On the other hand, for small holes, you can use a bat cone. For purchasing net, you can go for Bird Barrier StealthNet Bat Net. Its strong thins strands made up of UV-resistant polyethylene place is at the top popular choice.

Take-out food source from your out yards

If you are going through tough times for getting rid of bats from your home, you can take away all their major food sources from your garden or lawn. As of you already have known from the characteristics of bats what they intake. Some bats live on insects, some fruits or some may both. So, remove growing their favorite food from your out yards. You can protect your fruit with bird nets to protect it from fruits-eating bats.

Install a bat cone

Install a bat cone is the best approach to get rid of bats in the attic. It’s a bat removal method which helps them to fly out from your house but they can’t reenter from it. Many professionals certify it as one of the best methods as it serves as a one-way door. Bat cone is prepared with heavy plastic. It is built to get fitted with holes for easy installation.

Install bright lights

Like vampires can be disturbed by the sun, bats are also deterred by the bright light as well. They are most active during nights for food. When they get repelled by the bright light in their nest during sleep or rest, they have no way out rather leaving their home place.

5 Common Myths About College Costs

There are many myths when it comes to the financial aspect of college. Not only are a lot of these misconceptions based on rumors and gossip, but things are also constantly changing.

Myths About College Costs

Here are 5 common myths about college costs.

  1. All College Loans are Alike

A lot of people think that taking out private and federal loans is pretty much the same thing. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Most federal loans have fixed rates, and they offer a few different ways to receive loan forgiveness. Private loans, on the other hand, tend to have variable rates and there is absolutely no chance of loan forgiveness, so you could end up seeing your interest rate skyrocket one year to the next and there will be nothing you can do about it.

  1. Saving for College Hinders Your Chance of Getting Financial Aid

Some people think that if you have an open account where you have been saving money for college that you will not be as eligible for financial aid. This is also a huge myth. If you want to start saving for your child’s college fund, then you want to put your money into a 529 account. This money will not be taxed when you withdraw it so long as it goes toward education, and the government wants to encourage this behavior, so they don’t hold back on financial aid if they see that you are preparing yourself appropriately.

  1. A Liberal Arts Degree is a Bad Investment

A degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics may be a great way to find a high-earning job, but there’s no guarantee that will necessarily happen, and there’s no guarantee that you will be able to keep that job. In fact, studies show that a lot of history and education majors tend to find jobs that earn just as much money and careers in fields like education offer more stability and better benefits. The bottom line is that you should major in whichever field holds the most interest for you and if you are passionate about a topic then there will be a job out there for you.

  1. Private College is Too Expensive

Most middle-class families assume that they cannot afford private school because they make too much to qualify for student aid. However, these days, student aid in schools like New England College is based just as much on merit as it is on income. The elite private schools are highly competitive when it comes to claiming successful alumni. That’s why they offer just as much if not more financial support to students with high GPAs and test scores than they do for students who come from low-income families.

  1. Transferring From Community College is Always Cost-Effective

If a student is particularly ambitious, chooses a community college with solid connections to a few 4-year universities, and takes on a full-time course schedule, then it is possible that community college will be more cost-effective. Then again, studies show that the majority of community college students don’t perform particularly well, don’t transfer within 2 years, and tend to struggle with transferring to decent 4-year universities altogether.

How to Save Money on College Expenses

Money on College Expenses

Whether you are studying finance at an Ivy League college or earning NEC’s non profit management degree, you are going to need to save money in every way you can while you’re in college. College life is expensive, and there are a lot of expenses that you can’t avoid. However, there are plenty of costs that you can reduce.

Here is how to save money on college expenses.

Buy Your Books Used

One of the biggest ways that you can save money in college is by buying your books used. Not only do you want to buy them used, but you can save even more if you buy them online. There are a lot of websites where you can search for your textbooks online and you will be able to get them for a fraction of the cost that you would pay at the school bookstore. Some people hold on to those books for several years and then try to sell their books for as low as a few dollars. It all depends on the book and if it is the same edition as the one that you were assigned.  Either way, most of the information will be pretty much the same.

Cook at Home

Food might be your largest expense when you’re in college, especially if you are eating out all the time. There will be all kinds of places where you can go to buy food on campus, not to mention all the places just outside of campus. There’s no telling how much money you could save by buying all of your food at the market, making it at home, and bringing snacks with you each day. Not only will this cut your food costs at least in half, but it will also be better for your health. Most of those snack stands and restaurants around campus don’t serve very healthy food, so you will definitely be keeping your waistline in check as well.

Buy a Used Laptop

When you’re in college, your laptop is by far your most prized possession. It will probably also be your most expensive possession. You may want the newest, top-of-the-line laptop because you know that you will be using it a lot, but you will really feel stung in your pocketbook all year long. Luckily, there are a lot of people who work in industries, like technology and graphic design, who buy a new laptop each year. This means that you can get a high-quality, practically new laptop for a huge discount if you buy your laptop used.

Use Wi-Fi When You Can

If you’re like most college students, there’s a good chance that you are constantly using social media and the internet on your phone throughout the day. If you are relying on your data 100% of the time, then you are going to be spending a lot of money each month on your phone bill. However, when you’re out and about you can save a ton if you just make sure to connect to Wi-Fi when you can. This way, you can save money by reducing your data plan with your phone carrier.

3 Surprising Uses for Cottonseed Oil

Uses for Cottonseed Oil

Vegetable oil. The phrase implies something very specific, right? The unmistakable scent of fresh french fries, perhaps, or the crunch of a fried chicken wing.

But some vegetable oils are more versatile and widely used than they get credit for. Cottonseed oil is a useful example: Though it’s regulated as a food product by the FDA and used in countless commercial (and home) kitchens, it has a host of arguably more interesting applications that have nothing to do with cooking. Here’s a rundown of three surprising cottonseed oil uses.

  1. A Gentle, Durable Cosmetic Base

If you’re, ahem, of a certain age, you might remember hearing dire warnings about coconut oil’s link to high cholesterol, obesity, cardiovascular disease—you name it. Fast forward to more recent times and coconut oil can do no wrong. It’s a celebrity craze, touted by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow for its age-defying, toxin-clearing abilities. Not coincidentally, it’s an increasingly popular ingredient in high-end cosmetics.

Since they don’t clog pores like animal fats, vegetable oils are actually surprisingly common in cosmetic products. Not all are as well-known as coconut oil, of course. Cottonseed oil is among the most common bases, thanks to a chemical profile that includes lots of low-density fats and an impressive ability to remain stable (and unseparated) for long periods. It’s also gentler on the skin than synthetic alternatives.

Cottonseed oil in cosmetics? Hey, you can learn a lot from reading those labels.

  1. A Sustainable Energy Source

Vegetable oil is often maligned as unhealthy. Nutritionists know that’s not the whole story—some types of fat, particularly the polyunsaturated varieties found in abundance in cottonseed oil, are good for you—but it’s certainly true that this class of cooking aid is high in total fat. That’s why it tastes so good.

The fat content of some vegetable oils, including cottonseed oil, could have implications for much more than your waistline. Cottonseed oil has a particularly high energy density, meaning it’s quite efficient as a fuel. Thanks to recent advances in diesel engine technology, it’s now possible to use it as a power source for millions of vehicles on the road today. More research and buy-in is needed to make this technology cheaper and more widely available, but it’s certainly encouraging in a world that’s hungry for sustainable energy.

  1. A Cheap Reserve of Tasty Protein

The world’s growing population needs cheap, sustainable food sources just as badly as it needs renewable energy. The solutions to our slow-motion food crisis will take many forms, but cottonseed oil and other under-used sources of cheap protein could make a key contribution. Though cotton is a wildly popular crop, farmers generally grow it for its signature fiber; its seeds are secondary, consigned to animal feed, or sold to oil producers.

Ongoing genetic research may change this. By selectively breeding cotton plants to produce even healthier, more protein-rich seeds, scientists could soon produce a type of cotton that’s nearly as prized for its seeds as for its fiber. Since cottonseeds are already relatively inexpensive, such an achievement could create a healthy, cost-effective source of protein for people in emerging economies.

The next time someone tells you that vegetable oil should stay in the fryer, tell them what you’ve just learned. After all, it would be a shame to shortchange a substance that makes people prettier, offers a clean, safe source of energy, and could make a significant difference for millions of undernourished global citizens.

4 top reasons for buying apparel online

buying apparel online

Who does not like to shop? Ask any kid or adult about their last shopping spree and they can go on and on describing the outfits and the thrill of buying something new. Be it the latest fish cut dress adorned by their favorite actress or jacket sported by a particular sports icon, everyone wants a piece of the same fashion. However, one constant hurdle faced by the fashion-conscious is the unavailability or the hassle associated with trying to get the same type of apparel in a store…and here is where online shopping comes to the rescue!

Listed below are the various benefits that online apparel shopping brings to customers:

  • Discounts and offers

One of the biggest factors that work in the favour of these online shopping websites is the major monetary benefits they provide to the customers all through the year. Be it a festival period or any other duration, it doesn’t matter, discounts are always available. Be it an expensive Vero Moda dress or Jack & Jones pair of jeans, one may make use of coupons to buy the latest collections of trendy clothes without burning a hole in their branded jeans’ pocket.

  • Convenience

Unlike the brick-and-mortar stores that are open only till a certain hour, online shopping websites operate 24×7, all throughout the year. The apps of these websites and the websites themselves are available all the time, making shopping at even 3 am possible. Be it the train, or a boring class, you can shop for your favorite brand of clothes from anywhere at any time. Customers no longer have to make time to go to a store or hunt manually for what they want. The web pages have pictures of the apparel along with its size, color availability displayed for the potential buyer to see and make a choice. Furthermore, the websites provide delivery at our doorstep at the most minimal costs or even free. Thus, the shopper is saved the hassle of carrying around multiple bags and left with a better shopping experience.

  • Multiple brands under one roof

Malls were considered the answer to the problem of a shopper having to go to multiple locations to shop for different brands. However, with the advent of online shopping websites, even malls have become an obsolete shopping concept. These websites can house over 1000+ brands under their domain without any hassles. The user now has access to various brands, various products without tiring their heels. All they need to do is log in to the online shopping website, browse, select, and order.

  • Compare feature

Have you ever been confused between three jackets and unable to decide which one to buy? If the answer is yes, then online shopping websites have the solution to that problem. These websites have a compare feature wherein you can add products to your virtual cart and then indulge in some compare and contrast. The user can compare the brand, the price, the color, the percentage of discount on each product, etc., and make a purchase.

Such are the benefits of online shopping that more and more brands are opting to have their business shifted to such portals instead of opening retail outlets, thus saving time and efforts for both, the customer and the seller.

Bring Summer Into Your House

Summer Into Your House

Summer has arrived, time to enjoy barbecues, bare legs, and warm evenings outside. However, you can also enjoy summer indoors by adding bright touches to your décor. You don’t have to undergo a full house makeover, just add some touches of vibrant color and pattern to give a seasonal lift.